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ecolife.com is an online resource of hundreds of ways to green your everyday life. Whether you are seeking the low-down on dirty disposable diapers or need advice on how to make your next vacation green, ecolife aims to be the answer to just about any question you may have.

We're not big on doom and gloom. You won't find excessive use of intimidating statistics. While we may throw out the occasional fact regarding environmental degradation however, we try to always be optimistic. We seek solutions over negativity and inactivity.

Our articles are reliable, fact checked and most importantly written so that our readers can understand and adopt the information into their own lives.

Meet the Team

Jamal Hamou

Jamal is an activist at heart and has a strong passion for the environment. He strives to push himself to become carbon-neutral and shares his views with all those around him. Jamal studied Business Management in Northern BC, Canada. During his summers off he built eco tourism trails and helped build the first eco-tourism cooperative in his home town. You’ll most likely find Jamal in a coffee shop reading a book on how to improve his community or tackle climate change. If he's not there then exploring new local farms, studying photography and enjoying dinners with friends.
Brant Miller

Brant has a passion for beauty and a love for the outdoors. Every chance Brant gets he is out on the lake wake boarding and taking photos of the beautiful landscapes on Vancouver Island. Brant studied graphic design and programming and applies his creative skills not only for work but also for pleasure. Brant is very active in his local community and church.
Eva Boucek

Eva loves to travel and be part of a community. Nature is Eva’s sanctuary and she loves to play in it from hiking to scuba diving to camping on local beaches. She graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce specializing in Entrepreneurship and Marketing from the University of Victoria. When she’s not on the computer working on ecolife or enjoying the outdoors you’ll most likely find her making jewelry or painting with friends and family.
Jordan Nicholas

Jordan loves the peaceful quiet of the outdoors and goes for hikes regularly. His upbringing has instilled him with an understanding towards local, seasonal eating and he strives to be a minimalist. Jordan graduated from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor in Engineering. On his off time you’ll find Jordan out with friends and enjoying live indie concerts.
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