An Introduction to Freckles, Blemishes and Age Spots

What are Age Spots, Blemishes and Freckles and What Causes Them

Many people around us have freckles, also known as age spots or blemishes. Our society has created this idea that when you age your face naturally gains more freckles and age spots, but is this factual or a fabrication? Can your diet and lifestyle have anything to do in causing freckles? Dr. Mitra Ray explains below what the true causes of freckles are and how to reduce and prevent them from duplicating. 


What are freckles, age spots and blemishes?

Underneath the first epidermal layer of skin cells is the blood supply; and when the body has lots of waste in the blood, it literally deposits the waste right under the top layers of skin cells (the epidermis). These are visible to the eye and these deposits are what we call “age spots,” also called “freckles” or blemishes.”

This dumping of trash under the epidermal layer can get out of hand. The body can deposit more and more and more waste products until lumps are formed, and it can even become a skin tag over time. Why is the body depositing these wastes in the skin?  Because the organs involved in waste removal (liver, kidneys, lungs, and sweat glands) are overworked and undernourished, and waste deposits in the intestine are not being removed efficiently. And waste begins to accumulate in the blood. Eventually, this waste is deposited in an organ. When that organ is the skin, we call it an “age spot.” For instance, artificial sweeteners and preservatives, artificial flavors, and pesticides all challenge the liver. If the liver is no longer able to deal with the burden of these toxins, they remain in the blood. When the blood carries these toxins to your skin and deposits them there, they show up as an age spot.  Because the waste is deposited right under your epidermal layer (see Figure 3), it becomes visible to the eye; and since this happens over time, we have come to call the resultant blemishes “age spots.” We confuse time as the culprit, rather than the toxic chemicals that we have ingested over the course of many years. If you have numerous age spots and are really motivated to get  rid of them, we want to let you know that it  can be done via a “liver flush” that will take  these spots and move them into the toilet.  

Age Spot










An epidemiological study that was published in the British Journal of Dermatology indicates that age spots (senile lentigos, dyspigmentation) and wrinkles represent two different aging patterns. In other words; there are separate and distinct causes of wrinkles and age spots...We cannot simply write off all the nuances of skin problems as part of an ambiguous “aging process.”


Natural Solutions 

  • Whole Foods Plant Based Diet – read our whole food diet article to learn how you can leverage the power of food to beautify your skin and slowly reverse the skin’s aging process. 
  • Green Drink – This incredible recipe will help you alleviate existing skin blemishes and give you a boost of natural energy.
  • Organic Food – You should always try and consume organic produce. This article will highlight the benefits of organic food. We even have an article to help you decipher all the different certifications and labels to ensure you choose the best sustainable products on the market. 


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