What is Acne and What Causes It?

Understanding What Causes Acne and How You Can Prevent Acne with a Healthy Diet

Many people suffer from acne but few link the causes of acne to their diet. We spend hundreds of dollars a year on chemical cleansers that claim to rid us of acne. If this sounds familiar then please read on as Dr. Mitra Ray explains what acne is the what causes it. 

Acne most often occurs in a young person with a diet rich in liquid toxins (e.g., sodas,dairy) and lacking in fiber (an inherent component of whole food plant based diet (WFPB). Acne can also occur in an older person who mostly adheres to a WFPB diet, but also consumes alcohol or other liquid poisons. In both cases, the younger person and the person with a semi- decent diet both have a healthy enough blood cleansing mechanism that is anxious to get rid of the bacteria and wastes through the pores. If this material is allowed to circulate, it will harm vital organs. While acne may be unsightly, it is the body’s way of protecting vital organs from harm. Cleverly, the body chooses to deposit these toxins and wastes in the sebaceous glands, which eventually become congested and clogged, expanding into a visible black head, white head, or cystic acne. It is important to treat the underlying cause of acne by removing these wastes from the blood or by not putting them into the blood in the first place. When the actual cause of acne is not treated and pills are used to trick the body into not putting waste into the skin, the waste goes to organs such as the kidney or brain; and this, in part, ex- plains the serious and sometimes fatal side effects of popular acne therapies. 

Acne Blackhead Diagram

The sebum excreted by the sebaceous glands is mostly composed of fatty acids and triglycerides. Acne is a reflection of bacteria, animal protein, and animal fat in the body. Generally, drinking milk will cause acne. Drinking soda pop will feed the bacteria and worsen acne. But acne does not spread from one part of the face to another, nor through person to person contact as some people may think. It is simply a heap of garbage from the blood that has been deposited in the sebaceous glands under the skin. Eat burgers, fries, coke, and ice cream, and you will get “zits.” After a while, the toxins will seep out. Again, this doesn’t mean acne will spread through contamination, but it will worsen if a person continues to eat foods that cause acne. People with sensitive skin can even get blemishes and irregular skin from canned and bottled foods. 

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