An Introduction to Wrinkles

What Causes Wrinkles and What are They?

As we age we tend to start worrying about wrinkles and start are quest to prevent and hide them. However, we rarely ask what are wrinkles? What are the causes of wrinkles? Dr. Mitra Ray helps clarify this in her book, "Do You Have the Guts To Be Beautiful." We hope you find this beneficial in your fight to prevent and reverse the sings of wrinkles. 

In a perfect world, you have these perfect plump cells next to each other with no space between them (except an occasional pore), and the acid mantle on top. When light hits the surface of normal, healthy skin, it looks smooth and fabulous. The figures below are not meant to be highly technical; they have been simplified in order to show the function of the acid mantle on normal skin and the result of using soap.

Dehydrated Skin

When you use soap, the skin loses the acid mantle. The cells shrivel up due to dehydration, and don’t line up nicely—similar to irregular teeth. When light hits the surface of dried-up skin, you see wrinkles. Sometimes there is a break, and this break will become a large pore. As we age, we will often see more wrinkles and large pores developing. Generally, dehydration is a big factor, secondary to soap use. This is why increasing water intake alone does not give dramatic relief from wrinkles. It is also necessary to stop water loss by restoring the waterproof layer. This holds water in the cells and stops new wrinkles from forming.


Causes of Deep Wrinkles

Deeper wrinkles and sags are caused by defects in the dermal layer of the skin. This is where the collagen that supports the skin is found. This collagen is especially sensitive to your nutritional status, and if you don’t get enough phytonutrients (plant nutrients), such as vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals as well as essential fatty acids, you will lose that fullness and firmness of youthful skin, and deeper wrinkles will form over time. That is why the dietary changes are also necessary. If you haven’t appreciably changed your eating habits over the years, you may be wondering why you develop wrinkles and blemishes as you age. If you’re more or less following the same diet that you did twenty years ago, you might wonder why your skin doesn’t look like it did then.

The answer is that over time the intestines are less able to absorb nutrients as the result of twenty years of poor diet. Those eating habits have changed your intestinal environment; and now, many nutrients are no longer being absorbed. This is going to be reflected in your face as wrinkles, age spots, or sagging skin since the nutrients necessary to maintain a beautiful face are not absorbed. Even the term “freckles,” meant to sound cute, is really a reflection of toxins under the skin, visible to the eye by light filtering through the translucent epidermal layer. Genetically, we may have different amounts of pigmentation that allow some people to have more visible age spots, but in the end they are still age spots. There are limited studies that try to correlate ethnicity with aging skin, and the studies that have been done show conflicting results. So we cannot write them off simply as genetic traits. Age spots may also reflect common lifestyles within a group of people living in a particular region. Never mind the genetics that determine the visibility of age spots; let’s focus on the fact that age spots are caused by deposits of waste under the epidermis, and that they can diminish with cleansing practices.

Another misconception is that wrinkles just happen to show up as we age, and this un- truth is further validated by most of the literature on damaged skin. Yet, this supposition conflicts with the fact that new skin cells are being made daily even as we age. Our contention is that our physiology is not pre-programmed to change with age, but rather that a lifetime of poor eating habits changes our physiology. This is a key distinction—one whereby it is important not to blame yourself for habits of the past that you were not aware could hurt you. Rather see the bright side: by reading this book you will have the knowledge and the power to build an improved, more beautiful complexion, despite your age. And your diet will be the most important habit that you will change.

We recommend integrating Green Drinks into your daily diet to help reduce and prevent the signs of aging. Also try our natural, homemade, recipes for all sorts of natural facial care.


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