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Cut Your Electricity Bill with these Top Energy Meters

Looking for ways to save energy and cut your monthly electricity bill? One of the best ways is to know where you’re wasting energy so that you can take purposeful, impact-full steps to reducing your energy consumption. The first step to monitoring this is to get your hands on a power meter or home energy meter. We’ve got a list of some of the most popular brands and energy meter models with a range of prices and functionality so that you can start saving energy fast.


Current Cost

PowerCost monitor on stand

The Current Cost brand monitors your home’s electricity consumption so that you can instantly see how much you’re reducing as you shut off lights and turn down the air conditioner. With several models to choose from, you can benefit from a variety of features.


  • Provides graphic display to show historical energy use
  • Displays information about costs and energy used over a variety of timelines
  • Displays time and temperature
  • Integrates with Google PowerMeter

Approximate Price: $95 to $250



eFergy Elite monitor


This is a whole house energy monitor that you clip to your electricity meter feed cable and using a transmitter, have your electricity usage fed into your e2 display unit. It provides real-time energy statistics for your entire home.



  • Sensor works wirelessly
  • Displays energy use in kilowatt hours (kWh) and converts it a monetary amount
  • Software allows you to track your energy usage from any computer
  • Measure your carbon dioxide emissions to determine your carbon footprint

Approximate Price: $15 to $80




This real-time home energy information center monitors everything from large appliances to cell phone chargers. It uses a smart meter to measure whole-home electricity usage, serving up the information on a dashboard and temperature control unit. Sockets and trips can be added to the system to control appliances and other devices.



  • Lets you control your thermostat with programmability features
  • Can put your home to “sleep” with a touch of a button
  • Control all electronics and appliances automatically and remotely
  • Provides tips for how to save even more energy
  • It provides a comparison of your energy consumption to those living in your area


Intelligy System

intelligy system energy monitor

The Intelligy System involves a display unit, a power monitoring device, a GPRS module, and a serial communication module. Together they provide the following features and benefits:


  • The system connects to all home appliances including pools and air conditioners
  • The system will manage power consumption and can be controlled remotely
  • Connects to your solar energy system to calculate the net power consumed by deducting power back into the grid from power consumed


PowerCost Home Energy Monitor

PowerCost energy monitor

This whole-house energy monitor will give you at a useful snapshot of how much electricity your home is using. It works by using a sensor unit that attaches to the outside of your electric utility meter, which reads the amount of electricity the household is consuming in real-time. The sensor unit then sends that information back to the power monitor inside the home over 100 feet or less. They also carry a WiFi edition.


  • Real-time and total electricity usage and costs in dollars and kilowatt hours (kWh)
  • Peak energy cost within the last 24 hours
  • Time and outside temperature

Approximate Price: $109 to $325 (depending on whether you want WiFi or not)



Kill A Watt monitor image

This is another single-entry electricity monitor that connects to an appliance, electronic, or other energy-consuming device to measure how much is consumed per day, week, month, or year. It will display volts, amps, or wattage with a 0.2% accuracy.


  • Shows you the operating cost of your appliances and other electric devices
  • Provides forecasts of energy consumption based on usage patterns

Approximate Price: $55 to $100




Owl energy monitor in whiteThis is a wireless electricity monitor that provides real-time electricity consumption statistics in terms of power consumed, cost to you, and carbon footprint.


  • Has cumulative memory so you can track your energy use historically
  • Offers a micro model that is affordable and unobtrusive
  • Can be purchased with remote controls
  • You can add power strips and adapters to further your savings

Approximate Price: $50 to $120


ThinkEco Modlet

ThinkEco Modlet plugThis little modlet plugs directly into a power outlet to help stop phantom power consumption. Simply plug your appliances and electronics into it to start monitoring their energy consumption. The modlet will wirelessly send information to your computer so that you can manage power consumption.

Approximate Price: $45 to $50 (depending on whether you purchase the USB receiver with it)




Wattson energy monitor

Operating with three components – the display unit, the sensor clip, and the transmitter – the sensor clip, installed close to the energy meter, reads the real-time energy use and wirelessly the transmitter sends the information to the display. The beautiful display tells you how much energy (in watts) you’re using and how much it will cost you per year. Simply tilt the display to change modes.



  • It glows different colours depending on how much energy you use – blue for low energy, purple for average, and red for high
  • Store daily consumption data that you can access on your PC to watch your electricity use patterns
  • The Wattson is made from recyclable plastic and without toxic chemicals common in electronics
  • The solar version will track the energy produced by your photovoltaic solar array

Approximate Price: $200 to $300 (available soon in Canada and the US)


Watts up?

WattsUp? energy monitorWith several models to choose from, these meters measure energy consumption with a high degree of accuracy. The Watts up? home meter will record energy consumption for whatever is plugged into it, recording usage over the day, week, or any specified time frame. Some models come with USB connections and wireless capabilities so that you can analyze your data.


  • Calculates the payback period so you know how long it will take to pay for an upgraded appliance
  • Calculates monthly savings compared to previous consumption
  • Will integrate with Google PowerMeter so that you can see your power consumption on your Google home page

Approximate Price: $95.95 to $235


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