Seed Exchanges Protect Biodiversity

Participate in Seed Swaps and Grow Non-GMO Plants

Hand holding red seeds against vinesIn case you haven’t heard, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) touted by big companies like Monsanto are no friend to the planet. By participating in a local seed exchange you are helping cultivate biodiversity and stronger heirloom seeds in your region.

Seed savers are superhero gardeners and are taking matters into their own hands by cultivating and then exchanging their precious non-GMO seeds with other like-minded, eco-friendly gardeners. This is a great way to preserve what is left of the diverse, exotic, and interesting of our food and flower history. Some are forming seed exchanges through local libraries like the Richmond Grows Seed Lending Library, while others are organizing their efforts through online seed swap groups.

Want to get involved? Not only will you meet some fun and exciting gardeners who are active in preserving the planet’s diversity, you’ll also save money on seed supplies. Check out these grassroots groups you can join to start your journey of discovery into unique, heirloom fruits, vegetables, and plants:

  • BASIL – The Bay Area Seed Interchange Library offers local seed swapping
  • GardenWeb – Join the community for more than just seed exchanges – you can exchange by region, seed type, or even exchange live plants!
  • HeirloomSeedSwap – A free seed exchange for seed savers worldwide
  • SeedSwaps – A free seed trading side for gardeners.
  • Yahoo! Groups – There are dozens of seed exchange groups here – find one in your area

And if there isn’t a group in your area, take your cue from these leaders. Ask some of the superhero seed savers involved in the above programs for advice on how to start your own seed saving group.


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