Stop Phone Book Delivery

New National Yellow Pages Opt Out Website

Phone books at door stepYou can now opt out of your many paper directories with one simple form thanks to the new and improved website. In the past if you wanted to stop receiving your annual phone book delivery, you used to have to contact each individual directory publisher one by one to ask to stop receiving the directories.

This new website links together 158 different US directory publishers. All you have to do is type in your ZIP code, and a pop up will list all the phone books you may be receiving. Simply choose which ones you want to continue to receive (if any at all), and you’re on your way to reducing your paper consumption.

If you are one of our Canadian readers you can opt-out here.

Many consumers have already expressed their relief at finally being able to control the amount of paper coming to their mail boxes every year. Want to do more? Perhaps you want to stop delivery of your white pages as well? If so, check out the campaign for information on how you can become an activist against unsolicited phone book deliveries in your community. You can do even more to reduce your consumption of paper goods by opting out of junk mail, too.

And remember, if you have old paper phone books collecting dust in the closet, recycle them! Check out our guide on how to recycle old phone books for all of the details.


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