USDA Launches Biobased Label Program

Easily Identify Products Made from Biological, Renewable Materials

USDA certified biobased product labelThe United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has recently launched a brand new label to help consumers identify products made from renewable, biological materials. The Biobased Product Labeling Program is part of the USDA BioPreferred program and launched in early 2011. It helps identify those products that are made from at least 25% renewable biological materials, including things like corn, soy, or algae. In order to use this label, companies must apply separately from the BioPreferred program, whose main purpose is to recommend products produced with a low fossil fuel input.

The types of things that will be applicable in the Biobased Product Labeling Program will include things like carpeting and carpet cleaners, lubricants, construction and home reno materials, janitorial products, bedding and linens, personal care products, household cleaning products, office supplies, food containers, food cleaners, and more (foods, fuels, and feed products are not eligible). Each application for the labeling program will be reviewed individually by the USDA certification program office.

Getting off of fossil fuels is important for international security, climate change, and long-term sustainability of the planet. Having a way to identify those products that are made with minimal amounts of fossil fuels and larger quantities of biological, biodegradable and renewable resources will certainly help consumers know a sustainable product from one that is not. This is definitely another label to add to the list of eco certifications and labels every eco-minded individual should be familiar with.


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