Definition of Natural

What Is Natural?

In essence, natural is anything that is naturally occurring and can be found in a natural environment such as soil, wood, air, water, oil or minerals. It is a controversial term when used by well-intentioned companies and greenwashers alike with little regulation from government in most countries. As a result, consumers are often left feeling confused and bewildered by various marketing claims made on personal care products, food products, gardening and pest control products, building materials, clothing, and much more.

There are many ways the term “natural” may be used. For instance, a natural product may be one that:

  • Is made without artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives
  • Is created using as little “processing” as possible
  • Plant-based fibers instead of synthetic materials

Though the USDA and other organizations are working to define the term “natural”, to date, it can be used to describe any product and service. Consumers should be wary of accepting a “natural” claim as truth for any product or service until doing their own due-diligence.

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