Types of Kitchen Composting Bins

Solutions for Starting a Kitchen Compost at Home

If you’re like millions of us without a backyard in which to compost our organic waste, don’t despair! There are solutions for your urban composting needs. Not only could you consider a worm composting bin, there are also several other kitchen composting options, making it more possible than ever before to benefit yourself and the planet.


Types of kitchen composters

In general, there are two types of kitchen compost bins: electric hot composters and microbial composters, each with their own advantages and specialized features. Find out which one suits you best!

Electric hot composters

Using only about 5 kWh or electricity monthly, these automatic indoor composters heat, turn, and aerate your food scraps, accommodating up to five pounds per day. They often will also accept many foods traditionally excluded from composters, including dairy, meat, and fish. These work away in your kitchen, and after about 2 weeks, you can harvest your finished compost.

  • NatureMill - Simply add your food scraps, turn on the composter, and wait for it to mix, heat, and aerate your organic waste until  it turns into compost! $299 to $399.

Microbe composters

Creating a hot compost indoors is possible without electricity with these microbe compost systems. Often called Bokashi composters, you simply add beneficial microbes to the mix along with your kitchen scraps. The microbes quickly start to break down your organic material (including meat!), creating a mature batch of compost tea every two weeks or so.

  • Bokashi Indoor Composter - This kit comes with a recycled-plastic container with a snap-tight lid, aerobic microbes, scoop, moisture sieve, and drainage valve. $59.99.
  • Bokashi Bucket - In this kit, you’ll receive everything you need: large capacity budget with an air-tight lid, plastic strainer and tap, as well a Bokashi organic matter. AU$93.
  • BokashiCycle Food Recycling System - This complete system comes with 2 3-gallon cyclettes, bokashi culture mix, culture mix caddy, pressure plates, and many other accessories. They also carry a pet bokashi system to compost your pet’s waste. $119.95.


For more information on additional solutions outside kitchen composters check out our article on other types of compost bins.


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