Indoor Air Quality

  • Guide to Indoor Air Quality and Pollution Our guide to indoor air quality. Understand the many ways you can improve your homes indoor air quality and eliminate indoor air pollution.
  • Natural Air Fresheners Overview An overview of natural air fresheners and why you should use them in your home. We also explore methods for freshening your home without toxic chemicals.
  • Causes and Sources of Indoor Air Pollution Check out this list of common indoor air pollutants. Identify sources of air pollution in your home.
  • Asthma and Indoor Air Quality How to identify, prevent and cleanup sources that cause poor indoor air quality that lead to worsened asthma symptoms.
  • Prevent Indoor Air Pollution Prevention is the best medicine when it comes to maintaining healthy indoor air quality. Check out our tips for indoor air pollution prevention.
  • Natural Homemade Air Freshener Recipe Use natural ways to freshen the air in your home. Check our our list of homemade, natural air freshener recipes.
  • 20 Best Air Purifying Plants Use plants to improve indoor air quality in your home. Check out this list of the best air cleaning plants for the home.
  • Home Renovations and Air Quality The simple act of swinging a sledgehammer or installing new flooring can actually pollute your indoor air more than you’d may believe. Minimize indoor air pollution on your next home renovation project.
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