How to Remove Blood Stains Naturally

A Safe, Non-Toxic Blood Stain Remover Recipe

Like red wine stains, when blood lands on a piece of clothing it can make your heart stop. After all, blood stains, right? Thankfully, there are natural ways blood stains can be removed without using harsh chemicals like chlorine bleach. Here’s how to remove blood stains with ingredients you can find in your own home:

  • Fresh blood stains: Working quickly as soon as you spot the blood stain, soak the garment in cold (definitely not warm or hot!) water with about a handful of salt. Then launder as normal.
  • Set in blood stains: Once blood has dried, it’s a little harder to remover, but not impossible. Using an unseasoned meat tenderizer dissolved in warm water, soak the fabric for 15 to 20 minutes. Then rinse with cold water and launder.

Getting blood out of carpeting is also possible with our natural remedies for carpet stains.


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