Natural Grease Stain Remover

A Non-toxic Recipe for Removing Grease From Your Clothes

Oily, greasy spots on your clothing can spell the end of your favorite outfit, and regular cleaners used to get the stuff out can spell the end of you (okay, perhaps that’s overstating it a little). Chemicals such as kerosene, organic solvents, benzene, morpholine, or butyl cellosolve (which also goes by ethylene glycol, butyl glycol, or monobutyl) which can be neurotoxic and can contribute to other health problems are used to make regular degreasers and all purpose cleaners.

So whether it be butter, motor oil, olive oil, or some other fat, treat as soon as the stain occurs and then try these homemade, natural grease stain removers for a healthier way to get the spots out:

  • Natural detergent: If you catch it soon enough, often a quick treatment with natural laundry detergent or soap worked into the grease stain will get it out easily. Rinse with white vinegar to remove the remaining detergent.
  • Borax: Dab as much of the grease or oil as possible, then cover the oily spot with a paste of borax and warm water. Let the paste stand for anywhere between 2 hours and overnight depending on how old it is (older stains need more soaking). You can also substitute vinegar or lemon juice for water for an ever more effective oil stain remover. Rinse with cold water.
  • Cola: In some cases, cola soft drink can be used to cut through grease quickly. Either add it to the load of laundry or pour it directly on the fabric.

Whichever grease remover you choose, avoid washing in hot water or putting the fabric through the dryer until you are certain the oil has been removed. Heat sets these types of stains and will make it next to impossible to remove in the future.

In need of grease-removing solutions for your carpet? We’ve got solutions for that as well.


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