Natural Gum Remover Recipe

Got a sticky problem in your hair or you prized yoga pants? While there aren’t likely to be any products out there made specifically for removing gum from clothing or hair, there are some natural ways to remove gum. So, if you want to know how to remove gum in an eco-friendly way, try out these methods:

  • Ice: Start by trying to freeze out the chewing gum. Let the garment sit in the freezer or with a bag of ice on the gum spot for several hours until it freezes solid. Then, using a butter knife, chip away the gum as much as possible.
  • Vinegar: Next, soak the garment in vinegar for a few hours to further loosen any remaining gum. If the spot persists, you can treat with a little natural stain remover. Then launder as normal.

If it’s gum in your carpet, check out these natural carpet stain remedies.


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