Natural Tub and Tile Cleaner Recipe

Showering or bathing in a bathroom covered in soap scum and mold can make the whole cleansing experience feel less than clean. If you want to experience a naturally-spotless tub and shower, give your bathroom a natural clean treatment with the following homemade tile, tub, and shower cleaners.

  • Basic soft scrub: In a bowl, mix up one cup of baking soda and a few drops of your favorite antibacterial essential oil (tea tree, rosemary, eucalyptus, or lavender are all nice) with enough castile soap to get a paste consistency and store in a squeeze bottle or sealed tub. Use on tiles and tubs just as you would a regular soft scrub formula. For extra cleaning power, add white vinegar after the other ingredients are combined.
  • Shower curtain cleaner: Luckily, if you have a hemp shower curtain, you won’t likely need to fend off mold and soap scum buildup (they can just be washed periodically). But to clean plastic shower curtains and liners (we recommend you ditch PVC shower curtains for more natural options), put a few drops of antibacterial essential oils in a spray bottle along with 2 parts water and 1 part vinegar. Spray on the solution on the curtain and let it sit. Repeat daily until the problem is gone. For a deep clean, soak the curtain in this solution for several hours and allow to air dry.
  • Prevent mold and mildew: To prevent mold and mildew as well as soap scum buildup, spray the shower and tub with a solution of vinegar and water on a regular basis. To get the hard water scaling off of bathroom fixtures, soak a rag in vinegar and wrap them around the offending areas for a few hours and follow with a bit of scrubbing.


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