Natural Wood Floor Cleaner

A Safe, Non-toxic Wood Floor Cleaner Recipe

If you’ve invested in good quality wood flooring, you want to take care of it so that it lasts many years. At the same time, there’s no way you want to apply wood floor cleaners found on most retail shelves since they can contain several harmful chemicals, including petroleum distillates, benzene, amyl acetate, and cresol. The good news is that there are several good natural wood floor cleaners you can make at home to cultivate gleaming, beautiful wooden flooring. Try out these homemade wood floor cleaners:

  • Vinegar cleaner: Mix together white vinegar with hot water and use that to wash the floors. You can add peppermint oil for a fresh scent. Rinse the floors with warm water once you’re done.
  • Oil polish: Make your wooden floors shine by applying a thin coat of a vegetable oil and vinegar mixture in a 1:1 ratio. Rub well and let dry.


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