Natural Rust Stain Remover

A Safe, Organic Rust Stain Remover Recipe

If you’ve ever spotted a rust carpet stain or seen a rusty mark on your on the sleeve of a T-shirt, you may have felt the fear of not being able to remedy the problem easily. Surprisingly, natural rust removers are easy to concoct with regular ingredients you should be able to find in your pantry or at the grocery store. And these will be much healthier than conventional all purpose cleaners and stain removers that you may have lurking in your cleaning cupboard which contain things like neurotoxic organic solvents, benzene, morpholine, or butyl cellosolve (which also goes by ethylene glycol, butyl glycol, or monobutyl).

Conquer that scary red smudge with these homemade rust removers:

  • Cream of tartar: Dampen the stain on a piece of clothing and then sprinkle generously with cream of tartar. Let stand, and then using the steam from boiling water, steam the spot for a few minutes. Follow with a rinse in cold water which should slowly fade the stain.
  • Salt and lemon: Cover the stain with some table salt and then squeeze a lime or lemon until the entire area is soaked. Let stand for a few hours and then check the stain. If it persists, try using the rind of the lemon or lime to scrub the stain out.

If it’s carpet rust stains you need to solve, we have a homemade carpet stain remover recipe.


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