Natural Toilet Cleaner

A Safe, Green Toiler Cleaner Recipe

If you’ve ever looked askance at the “Danger” warning on a bottle of conventional toilet bowl cleaner, then you’re on the road to choosing more natural toilet cleaning methods. The fact is that regular toilet cleaning chemicals are made with toxic and poisonous ingredients like hydrochloric acid (chlorine bleach) and other hazardous chemicals.[1] Here are some eco-friendly toilet cleaner recipes to the rescue:

  • No scrub toilet cleaner: Simply pour some borax (about 1 cup) into your toilet in the evening and leave overnight. In the morning, give the bowl a quick swish and flush!
  • Foaming toilet cleaner: Wet the sides of the toilet bowl with a rag and follow with a sprinkling of baking soda. Then spray in some vinegar and wash the foam form! Using a rag or toilet brush, scrub the toilet clean.
It's that easy! Its a wonder why people use toxic chemicals to clean their toilets. 



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