Dusting Tips

Learn How to Reduce Dust Naturally

Whether or not you’re a white-glove cleaner, the dust in your home poses both a cleaning and health challenge. The indoor air quality of your home can be compromised by too much dust, especially if you have pets and dust mites, both of which are major allergens to humans.(1) Unfortunately conventional dust cleaning chemicals can also be damaging to your health and may pollute your indoor air. Plus, the residue they can leave behind can actually attract more dust, further complicating dust problems.


Natural dusting tips

Learn how to reduce dust in your home by following these natural steps: 

  • Door mats: Definitely have door mats at every door to minimize the possibility of bringing contaminants into your home, even if you do remove your shoes at the door.
  • HEPA filter: Whether or not you use a central vacuum system (which can be more effective than portable options), be sure to use a vacuum that is equipped with a HEPA filter that filters out toxins like lead and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) and also traps pollen, pet dander, and dust mites. Use the vacuum for carpets and hard surface flooring, upholstered furniture, molding, and even furniture to remove dust throughout your home.
  • Ideal humidity: The best level for humidity in your home is between 30% and 50% as this keeps allergens under control. If more moist that this, consider purchasing an energy efficient dehumidifier. A good quality humidifier might also be a good idea when living in a much drier environment.
  • Microfiber: Available for dusting and floor cleaning, these cloths can pick up the dust that vacuuming leaves behind and can be used either dry or damp.
  • Remove clutter: Things like newspapers, magazines, trinkets, and other clutter invites dust. If you want to minimize the amount of dust that accumulates around your home, try to reduce the clutter by packing these items in storage containers, recycling what you don’t need, and so on.
  • Shoes outdoor only: If possible make a rule that outdoor shoes stay at the front and back doors rather than tracking outdoor dust throughout your home.

Of course, if you’re the kind of person who needs the scent of a cleaning product in order to feel as though you’ve done your job, there are natural dusting cleaners you can purchase, including these greener options:

And don’t forget that many cleaning products are tested on animals for allergies and toxins, but this is a cruel, unnecessary practice. To find vegan products that haven’t been tested on animals, look for the Leaping Bunny Logo or the Certified Vegan Logo to be sure that you’ve got a cruelty-free product.



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