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You are likely reading this article because you are suspicious that the cleaning products you’ve been using are less than healthy and potentially hazardous to your health, and not so kind to the earth either. And if that’s the case, you’d be right. Many conventional cleaning products are made with carcinogens like diethanolamine, highly poisonous chemicals like bleach and lye, synthetic fragrances that contain formaldehyde, neurotoxins like benzene and kerosene, and hormone disruptors like phthalates, to name just a few (see our guide to common cleaning chemical toxins for a complete list!).

Needless to say, what most of us use to add spit and polish to our homes is indeed questionable when it comes to human and environmental health! If you’re not reading labels, you’re likely dousing your home in a dangerous brew of chemicals that could contribute to untold physical ailments for your family and for the planet. Thank goodness you’re looking into greener cleaning methods!

We’ve got you covered with all of the green cleaning tips you’ll need regardless of which room you’re tackling - the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room with our natural laundry section, bedroom, or even your car. Starting with a home cleaning kit that will make your green cleaning life so much easier, cheaper and fun!

To start, consider using eco cleaning tips in your kitchen cleansing routine. After all, you want the countertops and dishes you use to be as safe as possible since you’ll be eating off them, right? Our green clean kitchen guide will show you how to naturally clean and disinfect your entire kitchen from top to bottom with green cleaning tips from washing countertops with a DIY natural all-purpose cleaner to clearing up drain clogs with our natural drain cleaner recipe. And our dish washing article will make post-dinner clean up a breeze. We’ve even got tips on how to clean your coffee maker with a simple homemade recipe.

Next, move into the bathroom where we’ll show you how to make that room as germ-free and healthy as possible so that you can wash-up without worrying about the potential toxins you’re bathing in. Whether it’s hard water build-up in the shower or a grimy toilet, you’ll find here natural cleaning product recipes and products that are safe and effective, leaving your bathroom free of bacteria yet safe to live in. Believe it or not, cleaning your bathroom doesn’t require bleach (a highly toxic chemical). We’ll show you how.

Green cleaning your flooring isn’t a problem either, whether you have hardwood floors or wall to wall carpeting. Floors are where we walk, but they’re also where we play and relax, so you want them to be clean and safe, especially for the little ones in your life - children and pets included. Learn how to naturally deodorize your carpets, quickly clean carpet stains, vacuum using an eco-friendly vacuum and creating your own wood floor cleaner.

There are many surfaces in your home that need attention. We have some natural tips and recipes for you like our window cleaning recipes and techniques, how to battle mold and mildew and clean tiles, and what to use to keep dust from accumulating in your home with our dusting tips article.

Ecolife’s green cleaning guide also covers all of those miscellaneous cleaning chores. If stains are your eco cleaning challenge, we’re there for you! Our stain guide has a complete list of homemade cleaning recipes you can use to bust stains from carpeting, clothing and linens, countertops, dishes, and walls, all without harsh chemicals. Also check our tips for finding alternatives to poisonous moth balls, wasteful curbside car washing, and toxic tobacco smoke smell.

Last but not least, our green cleaning supplies section will give you the extra cleaning products you need to round out your routine. After all, a large part of the eco problem related to conventional cleaning is the garbage that piles up - from paper towels to disposable mop heads to one-use sponges. There are plenty of good, eco-friendly cleaning supplies around that will help to reduce the cleaning burden without creating additional problems for the environment, like eco-paper towels and green mops. You’ll even find a guide to buying a green vacuum the next time you’re in the market.

If you want to go completely natural try out our Do It Yourself section with articles from cleaning wine stains to polishing your furniture

Once all is read, you’ll be a green cleaning expert! And without further adieu, let the eco-cleaning begin!


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