Creating a Healthy Bedroom

Tips for How to Make Your Bedroom Natural and Healthy

Creating a natural bedroom is very important considering the amount of time you spend in this room. Here are some great tips to making your bedroom more natural and healthy for you and your loved ones. 

  • If you can't afford to create a healthy bed all at once, start with the pillows and work your way up through the sheets, duvet cover, and mattress cover to a new chemical-free mattress and bed frame.
  • To refresh your mattress occasionally while everything else is outside sunbathing, you can make your own spritzer very easily by putting some filtered water in a glass spray bottle and adding two to four drops of organic lavender essential oil. Shake this mixture and spray your mattress lightly. Lavender has natural antibacterial and antiviral properties plus it's very relaxing. More is not better. Just enough to refresh your mattress and allow it to evaporate fully before you remake your bed.
  • Get rid of clutter! Uncluttered bedrooms are easier to keep clean and are more relaxing to sleep in.
  • Keep electrical appliances to a minimum. Remember you are going to turn the electricity to your bedroom off at night so you may need to rethink how you like to have things set up.
  • Read all labels and see how many products contain fragrance. 
  • Reduce dust mites in the bedroom. Provide good ventilation, lots of natural light, and don't overheat the bedroom. Keep humidity levels low and don't use humidifiers. Consider removing any carpet, or vacuum with a HEPA vacuum at least twice a week. Vacuum your mattress, pillows, and any curtains. Wash bedding regularly on the hot cycle to kill mites and remove their food source. Put pillows in the dryer on a hot cycle or place them outdoors in bright sunshine regularly. A pure grow wool fill pillow is the most resistant to dust mites. Cover mattresses and pillows with barrier cloth covers. Instead of making the bed each morning, roll back the covers and air the bed out each day. Replacing cuddly toys with ones stuffed with pure grow wool is best, and regular laundering on hot wash and high dry cycles is necessary. There are some products available that claim to control or reduce dust mites. These usually involve coating your carpet with a substance or solution. I personally have not tried any, but if you are interested make sure any product you try is proven to be non-toxic before using it. Read our article on cleaning dust naturally.
  • If you are unsure about how you will tolerate a product once it is applied or installed in your home, give it this little home test before you buy it. Place a sample of the product in question in a large glass jar with the top screwed on tightly to allow fumes to accumulate. The following day, open the jar and take a sniff.  How does it smell? OK or awful? Also watch for any other signs besides odor.  Watch for any dizziness, headache, sneezing, coughing, or mood changes. This method of testing has its obvious limitations. While the test gives information about the product in question, it does not give any indication about cumulative or synergistic effects when it's combined over time with other chemicals. 


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