Natural Carpet Cleaning

Stay Away from Toxic Carpet Cleaners with these Natural Carpet Cleaning Tips

As one of the less than easy surfaces in your home to clean, carpeting can accumulate dust and debris (which can contribute to asthma and other health problems) and can be hard to remove stains. This article provides a quick overview to the common chemicals you'll find in carpet cleaners and how to start cleaning your carpet naturally. 


Chemicals in carpet cleaners

While you might be tempted to rush out and rent your own carpet cleaner using their recommended shampooing products or hire a professional carpet cleaner for a thorough clean you should thoroughly investigate their potential health harms. Here are some common chemicals that are used to formulate carpet cleaners: perchloroethylene (perc) (a common chemical used in dry cleaning), naphthalene (which goes by moth flakes, white tar, or tar camphor and is highly toxic to children and pets), hydrochloric acid (or chlorine bleach, which is highly toxic), and formaldehyde (which can offgas in your home and contribute to many health problems, including cancer).


Natural carpet cleaning tips

Creating a clean, eco-friendly surface on which your children and pets can play is not that hard if you know how to maintain and clean your carpeting using natural methods and techniques. We’ve got the best eco-friendly carpet cleaning tips here to make it simple and easy:

  • Regular vacuuming: Vacuuming your carpets at least once a week will help prevent dirt build-up and make your carpets last longer. Choose a green vacuum for an even greener clean.
  • Act quickly: When spills happen, clean them up as quickly as possible. Blot (don’t rub) with a clean rag to get up as much of the spill as possible and then treat with our natural carpet stain removal tricks.
  • Natural carpet cleaners: Use nontoxic carpet cleaning products by biokleen, AFM Safechoice, Nature Clean, Simple Green, or Seventh Generation. And don’t forget to consider the animals by opting for vegan products that haven’t been tested on animals - looking for the Leaping Bunny Logo or the Certified Vegan Logo to be sure that you’ve got a cruelty-free product.
  • Deodorize naturally: Deodorize your carpeting with natural odor removers that are inexpensive and easy to find. Learn more with our DIY Natural Carpet Freshener recipe. 
  • Hire a carpet cleaning pro: Green carpet cleaners will be able to do the job more thoroughly than you may be able to, but be sure that you seek out a professional that uses green carpet cleaning techniques. Ask whether they use eco-friendly carpet cleaning products and if they use water-conservation techniques.

With these eco carpet cleaners and tricks, you should be able to make your home safer and more pleasant to live in without compromising on your cleaning standards!


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