Green Vacuum Cleaners

Eco-Friendly Vacuum Cleaners for a Healthier Home

Carpets can attract an incredible amount of dirt and dust, contributing to indoor air quality problems and related health issues like asthma. Having a good quality vacuum and using it regularly to minimize the levels of dust and particulate matter in your indoor air. An inefficient vacuum cleaner will also use more energy than need be, and though this amount won’t add a significant amount to your utility bill, everything adds up.


Choosing a green vacuum cleaner

Despite what packaging may claim, not all vacuum cleaners perform equally. A greener vacuum cleaner will not only clean your carpeting effectively and efficiently, it will stand up to eco scrutiny in a number of factors:

  • Type of vacuum cleaner: Consumer Reports GreenerChoices for vacuum cleaners lays out the difference between vacuum types, including uprights, canisters, sticks, robotic, and central vacuum cleaners. Choosing the right style will depend on the type of carpet you have, how much it is used, and how often you clean.
  • HEPA filter: Invest in a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter which will be the most effective at reducing particulate matter in your air.
  • Warranty: Be sure to choose a model that comes with a warranty that includes repairs for at least five years and be sure to use that service if your machine breaks down.
  • Battery free: Look for a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t use batteries which will cost you more and add additional toxic materials to the environment.
  • Bagless vs bagged: Bagless vacuums definitely result in less waste, but if you suffer from asthma, be sure to wear a mask when emptying the canister.
  • Recycled materials: Some vacuum cleaners like the Electrolux Ultrasilencer Green or the Eureka Envirovac are not made with recycled materials, which is a great feature. Although this should be your only consideration, it is an added green benefit.
  • Durability: Test out the vacuum cleaner by pushing it around a little and fiddling with the parts to ascertain whether it is made durably or not. A high-quality machine will last much longer, require less maintenance, and likely work more efficiently. ConsumerReports Green Ratings for vacuums should help you choose a good model, though the Dyson DC21, Miele s251, Hoover WindTunnel, and Kenmore Canister Blue 28014 are all good options.


Get the most out of your vacuum cleaner for added savings

Keeping your vacuum cleaner running well will not only make it better at removing dust and debris from your carpeting, it will also save you time and electricity. Use these tips to keep your vacuum cleaner in tip top shape.

  • Change bags or empty the canister regularly - as soon as they are full at the very least.
  • Replace filters every six months at minimum.
  • Vacuum frequently (once or twice a week) rather than occasionally to reduce the amount of debris that needs to be picked up.
  • Avoid large debris that will clog your vacuum’s systems.
  • Follow manufacturer directions for proper maintenance.
  • Take your vacuum cleaner into a vacuum specialist for a tune-up before you decide to chuck it in the landfill. Often a professional cleaning will get a vacuum working like new at a lower cost and without all of the waste.


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