DIY: Homemade Natural Laundry Detergent Recipe

Natural Liquid and Powdered Laundry Detergent Recipes

That fresh from the washer smell can be intoxicating, but if you’re looking for ways to green-up your laundry routine, then natural homemade alternatives may be called for, especially if you really want to control the ingredients in your sudsing products. So whether you’re looking for natural liquid laundry detergents or eco-friendly laundry powder, check out our recipes for homemade versions.


Natural laundry detergent formulas - liquid and powdered

Make your laundry routine as earth friendly as possible by making your own formulas out of these natural ingredients and techniques:

  • Natural liquid laundry detergent: Start with 1 quart of boiling water and to that add equal parts borax, grated natural bar soap (castile is best), and washing soda (about 2 cups each). Mix, and then add about 2 gallons of additional water after the ingredients have dissolved and store in a covered container. If you have a hard time dissolving the bar soap, you can melt it gently in a saucepan before adding it to the hot water.
  • Green powdered laundry detergent: Much less complex, natural powdered laundry detergent is quick and easy to make. Combine one part borax and one part washing soda and then store in an airtight container and store indefinitely. If you have hard water, add more washing soda.
  • Greener fragrances: If you’d like to get a natural scent into your clean laundry, add a few drops (five to seven) of your favorite essential oil per gallon of liquid laundry detergent.


Natural substitutes for chlorine bleach 

If you’re concerned about yellowing underarms or dulling white T-shirts, whiten and brighten them without chlorine bleach by choosing these homemade bleach alternatives:

  • Hydrogen peroxide: If you’re looking for a way to whiten your clothes without chlorine bleach, try out hydrogen peroxide, which you can add to a load of whites as you would bleach. If you really want whiter laundry, soak the clothes overnight in this liquid in a 1:8 mixture of hydrogen peroxide to water, then launder as usual.
  • Lemon juice: Using this citrus juice can also help to whiten whites. Simply pour a cup of lemon juice into a bucket and then add water until it is half full. Soak your laundry in the pail overnight.
  • Washing soda or borax: This potent form of baking soda can be added to regular loads of laundry with the detergent in quantities between 1/4 cup and 1 cup, depending on the size of the load of laundry. It will naturally whiten fabric as well.


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