Natural Home Remedies for Dogs

Homemade Remedies for your Dog's Digestion, Dandruff and Anxiety

It can be very distressing to see your dog in pain or experiencing discomfort. If you’re looking for ways to deal with common, dog ailments like digestive issues, dry skin, or anxiety, then we’ve got natural dog home remedies that are safe and inexpensive.


Home remedy for dog digestive issues

Unpleasant to say the least, doggie digestive issues can also be a signal of something worse, so it’s always wise to consult your vet if you’re concerned about something more serious than lack of fiber. But for minor upset stomachs or constipation, there are many things you can do to improve your dog’s digestive system.

Home remedies for dog constipation and gas: Having a stopped-up digestive system can be incredibly dangerous for your dog. You should first determine whether an obstruction (a non-digestible) item has been consumed, and if so, have it removed by your vet. Prostate disease can also be the cause of constipation and should be considered at your next vet visit. If that’s not the problem, try these solutions:

  • Exercise: Be sure your pup is getting enough activity as this will stimulate normal digestion. You’ll want at least one hour of exercise every day.
  • Time: Don’t rush your dog as this can cause anxiety and cause him to hold in his stools. Be patient and give him sufficient bathroom time to relieve himself.
  • Quality foods: If you’re still buying grocery store brand foods, seriously consider investing in higher quality kibble and canned foods as these will help promote healthy digestion. Read our natural dog food article to learn more.  
  • Worms: Sometimes a worm infestation will cause constipation in a dog. You’ll want to consult a vet if you suspect this to be the case.
  • Pesticides: Some conventional pest treatments for fleas and ticks can lead to constipation. If you’ve recently treated your pet, give it some time, and then resolve to use natural flea treatments and tick treatments in the future. 
  • Bulking agents: To remedy constipation, add a half teaspoon of bran or a 1/4 to 1 teaspoon of ground flaxseed or psyllium husks do your dog’s regular diet to retain moisture and keep stools moving.
  • Oils: Sometimes a diet deficient in natural oils can cause constipation. Adding olive, flax, or fish oil to your dog’s food can help manage the problem.
  • Water: If your dog isn’t drinking enough, this can pose constipation hazards. Add some water to your dog’s kibble and canned food to ensure they get enough every day.
  • Fruits and veggies: Just like humans, dogs benefit from the fiber found in fruits and veggies. Try feeding some to your pet as snacks, such as carrots or apples.

Home remedies for dog diarrhea and vomiting: Dealing with doggie diarrhea can be incredibly messy, and it’s certainly no picnic for Fido either. Here are some healthy solutions to get your pet back on all four paws in no time:

  • Yogurt: Just like humans, dogs need healthy digestive bacteria, and yogurt is full of such organisms. Feed your dog some plain acidophilus-infused yogurt to return their intestines to their proper balance.
  • Chamomile tea: This has a settling effect on doggy tummies that are upset and is completely safe to feed your dog. It can also alleviate gas and anxiety as well as minimize skin irritations when used as a wash). Feed chilled, brewed tea instead of water for maximum impact.
  • Electrolyte replacing liquids: Make sure your pet gets enough fluids by using infant or sports waters that are infused with electrolytes. This is important if your dog has excessive diarrhea or vomiting. Ask your vet how much to feed your canine friend.

A word of caution: If your pet exhibits chronic digestive problems, it’s best to consult with your vet in order to determine whether there’s some other problem that could be affecting their internal systems.


Natural remedies for dog's dry skin and dandruff

If your dog is scratching and itching incessantly, it could be a simple matter of dog dry skin or dandruff. These home remedies for dog’s dry skin are simple to use and will be safer than using conventional products for these problems.

  • Vitamin E oil: Apply some of this oil to your dog’s skin and massage in to give your pooch a total relaxation treatment. You can also use this oil in your dog’s bath or shampoo. You may also give vitamin E oil supplements to your dog with his food.
  • Oatmeal: Use baby oatmeal cereal or grind your own quick oats and then add to a warm bath. Let your pooch soak in the warm water as long as possible to sooth their itchiness.
  • Phosphorus: Adding phosphorus supplements to your dog’s diet can help alleviate dandruff or patchy hair loss. Your vet can recommend quantities.
  • Urtica urens: This can be used to treat small, red blotching on your dog’s skin as a topical treatment.
  • Sulphur: Red, hot, eczema like spots on your dog’s skin can often be remedied with supplements of sulphur. Consult your vet for dose suggestions.
  • Dry skin shampoo: You can make your own dry skin shampoo using several helpful ingredients - see our article on dog dry skin shampoo for recipes and ideas. 

Of course, if you’re dealing with ticks, fleas, and other pesky pests, you’ll want to check out our other articles on those subjects for simple, effective, eco-safe methods for dealing with your doggie challenges. Check out these related articles: Natural Flea Control and Repellent, DIY Flea Treatment and DIY Tick treatment


Natural home remedies for dog anxiety

A dog in distress because of transition, trauma, grief is heart-breaking, but there are things you can do to alleviate the symptoms. Note that stress and anxiety can also lead to digestive problems, including constipation, diarrhea, and other symptoms. Here are some natural remedies for your dog’s anxiety:

  • Remove stressful stimuli: If your dog is frightened by storms or other dogs or yelling, limit or eliminate this type of stimulation so that your dog may be calmer without any treatments.
  • Chamomile: Make your dog some chilled tea as a refreshing drink to calm them with this nerve-soothing beverage.
  • Astragalus: This Chinese herb can be used to boost your dog’s immune system during stressful periods.
  • Valarian root: This is an herb that is used to help with sleep and anxiety in humans and is safe for dogs as well. It will reduce over excitability, anxiety, and tension.
  • Skullcap: Great for nervous tension, this herb can be added to your dog’s food for a calming effect on nervous tension.
  • Bach Flower Remedies: Using a variety of herbs, Bach Flower Essences - their Rescue Remedy in particular - these remedies can safely be used with pets to minimize the symptoms of anxiety in your dog.

It’s best to use these herbs for only short periods of times. Consult your vet if your dog has long-term anxiety concerns.


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