Natural Dog Shedding Solutions

How to Control and Stop Dog Shedding

If you’ve ever stood up from your couch with a coat of dog hair on your pants, you’re in touch with the annoyance that is dog shedding. Not only is the excess hair a problem for cleanliness, it can also contribute to human allergies. Putting a stop to dog shedding is a problem faced by many pet owners, but there are many ways you can control and prevent dog shedding naturally. 


How to reduce and stop dog shedding 

Of course, seasonal dog shedding is very natural and to be expected, but if you’re looking for ways to reduce dog shedding hassles year-round, these solutions should help.

  • Regular brushing: Daily brushing (5 minutes is ideal) is a must if you want to keep dog shedding to a minimum in your home (every other day at the very least). Make it a regular habit and you’ll find that it is much less time-consuming and frustrating for you and your pet than infrequent brushing times. Rakes like ShedEnder and the FURminator are two recommended options.
  • Regular bathing: Just like brushing, washing your dog’s coat with warm water and an eco-friendly dog shampoo (not human shampoo which is the wrong pH for dogs) regularly is a great way to loosen and release hair so that it doesn’t end up in your home. Once you’re done, be sure to give your dog a good brushing. Don’t use heat to dry your dog as this will increase shedding.
  • Vacuum your dog: If your little Fido will permit it, using a gentle vacuum to remove excess hair can be a highly effective way to prevent dog shedding. Use a soft brush attachment to loosen and remove excess dog hair.
  • Omega supplements: One of the keys to stimulating a healthy coat is a healthy diet rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. These two essential fatty acids are needed to give your dog’s fur a nice sheen and they help to prevent dog shedding as well. But sometimes regular dog food is deficient in these fatty acids, so supplements can go a long way to help. You can try a dog supplement like Shed Solution or simply add a teaspoon of olive oil or fish oil to your dog’s food daily. Note however that this can cause loose stools and it may take up to 12 weeks before you see results.
  • Quality food: What goes in comes out, and if you’re feeding your dog grocery store brand dog food, you may be contributing to your dog’s less-than-ideal health. Though natural, high-quality dog foods often cost a bit more, because they require smaller portions they are often less pricey per meal. If you want full control over what your dog eats then check out our homemade dog food recipes

Remember, it is always a good idea to consult with your vet if you have a chronic or excessive dog shedding issue as it may indicate a more serious health problem like ringworm, Cushing’s disease, a skin infection, mange, hyperthyroidism, or the like.


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