Homemade Flea Treatment

DIY Flea Killer Solutions

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get effective, natural flea treatment solutions for your pet’s pesky problem. Here are some easy homemade flea spray recipes and natural flea treatment solutions that are made from safe, effective ingredients.


Homemade flea killer sprays and collars

If you prefer to control the ingredients that go into your natural flea treatments, then why not make your own flea collar or spray? These simple recipes are quick and inexpensive and will allow you to ensure your pet becomes flea-free as naturally as possible:

  • Homemade flea collars: Make your own flea collar by taking an average collar and adding some drops of essential oil mixed with 2 tablespoons of almond oil (use dilute solutions when applying to cats as they can be very sensitive to essential oils). Some great flea-repelling essential oil options include cinnamon, rosemary, wormwood, clove, peppermint, pennyroyal (don’t use this if your pet or human in the home are pregnant), and cedar wood.
  • Neem oil rub: With a few drops of the oil on your palms, rub it into your pet’s fur and skin.
  • Homemade Flea sprays using essential oils: Mix 10-15 drops of your favorite oil (essential oil or neem oil) with 1-2 ounces of mild, organic soap and water. Pour into a spray bottle and spray your pet periodically throughout the day during a flea outbreak.
  • Lemon wash: Citrus is a natural flea deterrent and will condition your pet’s skin. Make this wash by combining 4 sliced lemons, 1 tablespoons of salt, and 6 cups of water in a pot. Bring to a boil for two minutes, then turn off and let steep 24 hours. Wash your pet with soap, comb out to remove dead bugs, and then apply the lemon water generously over your pet. Repeat the lemon wash portion of this daily until your pet’s skin improves. Can also be used as a spray and applied daily.
  • Flea shampoo: Combine 6-10 drops of essential oil (see list above) with two ounces of organic, biodegradable, mild shampoo or soap. Use this to shampoo your flea-infested pet (don’t forget hard-to-reach areas like their armpits, between toes, and under tails) and let the shampoo sit on their fur for five to ten minutes. Then rinse thoroughly to avoid skin irritation. Repeat daily until the problem leaves.
  • Diatomaceous earth: Buy some of this product and dust over your pet (lightly) just like other flea treatments. Also dust your pet’s sleeping and playing areas.
  • Herbal flea powder: Crush together dry herbs including rosemary, fennel, yellow dock, wormwood, and eucalyptus in equal portions and then apply to your dog’s fur as you would conventional flea powders.

To learn more about natural flea treatments and prevention check out our Flea Prevention and Control article. 


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