Eating Local

  • A Guide to Eating Local This eating local guide highlights the key articles that you will find in this section, from the benefits of eating locally to seasonal eating to community supported agriculture.
  • Tips on Buying Local Food This article is a simple guide on how to start buying local food, from finding a farmers market to starting a zero mile diet.
  • Benefits of Being a Locavore Understand how being a "locavore" can help your health and the environment with this simple list of pros and cons to eating local food.
  • Introduction to Farmers Market Local farmers markets are at your fingertips with our guide on how to find local farmers markets and what you should be asking to get the most natural food there is.
  • What is a Food Co-op and CSA Understanding food co-ops and community supported agriculture (CSA) and how to get involved.
  • A Guide to Eating Seasonal Food Learn about the benefits of seasonal food and how to follow a growing calendar to ensure you are eating local and fresh food, always.
  • An Overview of the 100-Mile Diet The 100-mile diet is a great way to start eating local foods and support local farmers. Read on to learn about its benefits and how to start implementing the 100-mile diet in your life today.
  • An Overview of the Zero Mile Diet The zero mile diet is one of the best things you can do for your health and for the environment. Learn about the basics and benefits of becoming a hyperlocavore.
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