Organic Food

  • A Guide to Organic Food This organic food guide highlights the key articles in this section like how to read certified organic food labels and start a whole food diet.
  • What is Organic Food? This simple guide highlights what organic food is, it's key benefits and how to go about buying it.
  • Certified Food Labels Learn about various food certification labels and how to choose the most sustainable, fair trade, organic food for you and your family.
  • Overview of Genetically Modified Food Genetically modified food account for nearly 70% of processed foods. This article introduces you to what GM foods are, their negative impacts, and how you can avoid them.
  • Introduction to Whole Foods Learn the benefits of eating a whole food diet and how you can start today.
  • Top Foods to Buy Organically Make better organic food purchasing decisions by understanding which top foods to buy organically and which foods can be bought conventionally.
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