Tips and Basics

  • How to Read Food Labels Learn the key steps to reading food labels to ensure a well balanced, healthy diet.
  • Basics of a Sustainable Diet Learn the basic steps to lowering your carbon footprint with what you eat. This article will give you simple steps to a create a more sustainable diet.
  • Overview of White Flour Alternatives An introduction to white flour alternatives such as soy flour, rice flour, whole wheat flour and many more. Learn the benefits of using flour alternatives.
  • Environmental Impact from Meat Consumption Understand how global meat consumption has had negative environmental impacts and learn how you can lower your carbon footprint by purchasing sustainable meats.
  • Overview of Good and Bad Fats Learn the difference between good fats and bad fats and how you can reduce the intake of bad fats.
  • Green Smoothie Recipe Try out this green smoothie recipe from Dr. Mitra Ray to improve your overall skin quality and health; filled with antioxidants for a natural energy boost.
  • Top 10 Foods to Avoid for Environmental Reasons Our top 10 foods to avoid for environmental reasons gives you the answers and solutions to eating a more earth friendly diet.
  • A Guide to Ethical Coffee Do you love coffee but are concerned of how it's made? Read this ethical coffee guide to learn more about organic, shade-grown, fair trade coffee for a more eco-friendly cup of goodness.
  • High Antioxidant Foods High antioxidant foods are a great way to fight off free radicals and can easily be found at your local Farmer's Market or CSA.
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