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Purchasing Organic Baby Pajamas

Purchasing Organic Baby Pajamas

Why You Should Purchase Natural, Organic Onesies

As you put your baby to sleep, we’re sure you hope that they are resting in a healthy, natural environment. Here are some tips for finding healthier, safer baby sleepwear like naturally flame resistant, organic baby pajamas and organic onesies.

  • Avoid fire retardants: Many pieces of baby clothing (as well as baby mattresses) are treated with fire retardant chemicals like chroinate, corminate, arsenic, and antimony compounds. What’s unhealthy about these ingredients is their ability to react with naturally-occurring fungi like Scopulariopsis brevicaulis to create gases like phosphines, arsines, and stibines. These in turn can poison baby and cause cardiac failure in babies, and may be linked to the rise in SIDS since 1951.[1] Avoid clothes that come with claims of fire resistance to reduce the risk of putting baby down with these toxins.
  • Look for green fibers: Conventional cotton is not only an unsustainable fiber, it is also unhealthy for your baby. If you want healthier options, look for organic cotton onesies, or those made with alternative fibers like bamboo, hemp, or wool. Wool makes an excellent choice since it is naturally flame-retardant as well as more natural than some other options. Learn more about natural clothing fibers in our organic baby clothes article. 
  • Nickel-free snaps: Many babies (and adults!) suffer from nickel allergies, making nickel-based baby clothing snaps a problem. To avoid this, look for onesies that are made with nickel-free snaps.

Where to purchase eco-friendly, organic baby sleepwear

The list of eco-friendly baby onesie companies is astoundingly long. You can now buy organic cotton onesies and bamboo baby clothing at department stores and specialty baby stores as well. Or you could do a simple online search for keywords like “organic cotton,” “bamboo,” and “onesies” to find numerous results like:



1 Sudden infant death syndrome: a possible primary cause. (1994). Retrieved April 11, 2010, from

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