How to Recycle Video Tapes

An Overview on Recycling VHS Tapes

If you’re ever asked, “Where can I recycle my VHS tapes?” then you’re not alone. Who doesn’t have a few (or several hundred) video tapes sitting in the basement collecting dust? Like CDs, DVDs, and floppy disks, solutions for recycling dusty old VHS tapes may seem elusive at best. But just like all other data storage devices, VHS tapes contain materials that can be useful if recycled into something new.

  • Donate used video tapes: If you’ve got a collection of old movies or exercise tapes, you may be able to find an organization willing to take them. Some thrift stores will take them for sale, but more likely you’ll find a home for them at your local library or women’s shelter. Just phone around to see if you’ve got any takers. Our recycler list may also have some nonprofits or donation sites that handle these types of give-aways. Just be sure to tape over any, ahem, questionable content you may have recorded back in 1985!
  • Pass on kitschy VHS crafts: Though once in awhile we run across a clever and truly practical way to reuse video tapes, rarely can you create something that will last out of old VHS tapes. More often than not, the crafts made with this e-waste become less charming with time and end up in the garbage in the end. By going straight to recycling, the chance for the materials to be turned into new products is much higher.
  • Find video tape recycling centers: In addition to checking with your local electronics store, you can also take a peek at our recycling database where you’ll find a good list of companies that will recycle all manner of storage devices, including DVDs, CDs, and floppy disks as well as VHS tapes.


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