12 Ways to Reduce Your Driving

Traffic congestion on a highway. Check out this great methodology from the book "Divorce Your Car" by Katie Alvord and Stephanie Mills on how to reduce your daily driving. 

  1. Find your neighborhood on the map
  2. Place the point of a driver compass on the approximate location of your home
  3. Draw a circle with a two-mile radius with the compass
  4. Now find the places that you regularly visit and circle them or mark them with a highlighter. Include your workplace, bank, grocery store, gym, school, place worship, move theaters, parks, the library, and any other place you visit at least once every two weeks.
  5. Note how many of these places fall within the circle
  6. Choose one of the places that falls within the circle and commit to walking, biking, or taking transit to it instead of driving every time you go.
  7. Every week, every two weeks, or every month (depending on how fast you want to go), commit to walking, biking, or taking transit to another location from within the circle. Continue adding locations until you routinely use alternatives to the auto for getting to every location within a two-mile radius of your home or workplace
  8. Choose one of the places that falls outside of the two0-mile radius, and commit to finding a closer alternative.
  9. See how many of the places outside a two-mile radius from your home you can replace with an alternative closer to home, ideally within your circle
  10. Experiment with expanding your circle of using concentric circles to determine places within walking distance and biking distance from your home. For example, if you decide to walk to all places within a mile, and bike to all places within four miles, draw circles with those radii on your map and identify all the walkable and bikable destinations within them
  11. When you mode, draw a two mile circle around the potential new homes to help find a new location based on its proximity to services, work, and school
  12. When looking for new services or a new job, use the circle technique to help you find services or jobs closest to your home

For more information check out our article on alternatives to driving


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