Top Carbon Offseting Tips

Offset your carbon in a few simple steps

Offset your carbon footprint before your next tripWant the quick and dirty on carbon offsets for air travel? Here are our top tips for finding and buying carbon offsets for your upcoming flight.

Use carbon calculators

Companies that offer carbon offsets most often have carbon footprint calculators on their site that will walk you through the entire carbon calculation process. Each of these should estimate the tonnage of carbon dioxide equivalents your chosen activity will produce so that you’ll have a target to reach for when considering how many carbon offsets to buy. Most often you can then click to buy carbon offsets equivalent to those calculated.

For more information check out our article "How and Where to Buy Carbon Offsets". 


Choose certified carbon offsets

In the land of carbon offsets, there is no end to your choices. You can choose from tree planting projects, wind farm projects, and solar plant projects, among many other choices. And if that weren’t enough, there are dozens of ways to calculate how many carbon offsets you’ll need, making the list of possibilities nearly endless.

To ensure that you’re getting good quality, verifiably-green carbon offsets, be sure to look for companies that adhere to some third-party, independent standards. Look for the stamp of approval from organizations such as The Gold Standard, The Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS), Green-e, or International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance.

We have more information on each of these in our article "Clearing Up the Carbon Offset Confusion"


Do the most good with high-impact offsets

Certification is important, primarily to ensure that your carbon offsets meet certain standards for the impact they are making on climate change. Be picky when choosing your carbon offsets, ensuring that they meet certain criteria. They should be current initiatives with physical addresses and the projects should have additional impact now and in the future. Not only that, but the offsets should have permanent impact so that they provide long-term benefits for the environment.


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